Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clean house? or Blog?


I had great intentions of coming home, opening the windows (since it is now 65 degrees, not -15), enjoying my coffee and getting some cleaning done. 3 of the 4 things I've got goin' on... aaaand I've decided to blog instead of clean.


Not to sound, ya know, whiny or anything... but these 23,000 snow days the past two weeks sure have made it hard going back to teaching 5 days in a row! I deserve an award for making it nearly Monday through Friday without crafting. So Me, Myself and I have a date with a massage tomorrow.

I am pretty pumped about the progress that my students have made this week. My 7th graders finished a huge project. We studied Claes Oldenburg and Pop Art then kiddos made giant food and every day items with boxes, newspaper and found objects. Next, we added papier mache and paint. This is the first time I've ever done this lesson. I have to say, even though my art room has smelled like a rotting bakery from the papier mache for 4 weeks.. it was worth it!

Some of the projects aren't completely finished. The lolli-pop on the left is waiting for the rest of its paint and plastic wrapper. I can't wait to see it when it's finished! The projects are going to have a fantastic photo shoot in about a week or so then they'll have a blog all to themselves!

In the midst of the 5 day work week, I signed up for a welding class! I'm guessing you read the previous post and the part about fire and wax seals? YEAH! I cannot wait! The class lasts 10 weeks. We will be studying MIG and TIG welding and learning about plasma cutting. I bet my brother is excited because he probably thinks I'll stop bugging him to teach me to weld.. or maybe to just wear the mask. Nah. Now I'll pester him to compete with me in a WELD-OFF!

I'm out of coffee. I guzzled it as I was blogging... kinda like eating too many potato chips while watching TV. Looks like I should make more and find more interesting things to do so I can have exciting blog posts for my 9 followers... 

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  1. Awesome project! How did they construct the chip bags?