Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's Starting to Melt!

Good morning (well... afternoon but I just finished my coffee) my friends,
    I would first like to give a big blog shout out to my husband for being my first follower! (Does it count that I lead him to my page and tickled him until he clicked "Followers"?)
    The snow is beginning to melt which means we will (most likely...) have our first day back to school tomorrow since last Monday. HOWEVER! There is another storm system moving in Wednesday that is predicting 5 - 10" of snow.

It looks like more insanity is imminent in my house due to my unwillingness (or inability) to drive on the snow. Which, lucky for you, means more crafts and blogging!
    Even though we will be making up snow days until the middle of June, I do indeed love the snow. I spend snow days alternating between crafts and joining my dogs as we all stare out the window.  I do have "Snow Day = Craft Day" fellow teacher buddies that, I'm assuming, still love me despite my overly excitable personality because they continue to come to my humble abode. To see a glimpse of what my friends endure on snow day-craft days... check out the video below!

     Now, please excuse me while I prepare my snow dance for this week.

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