Friday, February 11, 2011

Sweet Baby Boy

It's always a creative opportunity when another friend has a baby

...and this time it's a boy!

YAY! What to make.....

Oo! Babies can never have too many stuffed animals! The first thought that came through my mind when I decided this was,

Oh no. I've tried my hand at sewing little stuffed creatures in the past. They seem to be a better fit for the Land of Misfit Toys than in the hands of a baby.

I knew my friend and her little one deserved more than a make-shift pattern and jagged embroidery techniques. My snow-day-craft-day friend, Amelia, suggested I take a look at her sewing book, "One-Yard Wonders". I found the perfect project! The pattern is titled Leisure Suit Lapdog and is a design by Marlene Gaige. Now, this particular pattern called for  "vintage double-knit polyester" as the fabric of choice...

I'm gonna go with... mmm, no.

I decided on a cotton jungle theme fabric (to go with his bedding, of course!) I added the contrasting fabric on more sections than the pattern recommended. I thought he needed some... pizazz.

The funny thing was, the entire time I was making the stuffed animal I was thinking to myself,

Oh man, it's gonna look so good. I wonder if she'll even know I made it...

I'm going to make a shot in the dark, but I'm pretty sure the poor hand stitching along the back and the fact that the doggie looks like it's making a wee toot give away that it is non-factory produced stuffed animal.
I think I'll go with the

"I wanted to give it a... hand-made look"

Next came the stitching for the eyes and nose. On fourth attempt, I got something I could live with.

My original plan was to sew buttons for the eyes (or large glass eyes as the pattern suggested). But you know, buttons + new born = choking hazard. I hope as long as the little guy has no teeth, unwinding the thread might hold some difficulty.

Many hours and cups of coffee... he's finished! Now on to the card for the...
Sweet Baby Boy!

I plan to give this gift at his baby shower later in the month. I hope he likes it!

...and I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself with this project. After all, I sewed my first gusset!

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