Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Imminent Death Eve" A.K.A "It's going to snow again tomorrow"

Beautiful sunrise... hot coffee... garbage trucks...

...the perfect morning.

No, really, we haven't had our dang trash picked up in about a week. Because, you know, of the SNOW. The non-picking up of the trash even landed a segment in the local news.

Can you imagine the intern... "You want me to cover... what?"

And due to the 4 days of no school, I've managed to create an exponential amount of garbage at home. The less-than-extra-strength trash bags are poking through with coffee grounds, cat poop (because stir-crazy-ness results in litter box cleaning twice a day apparently), vacuum...stuff (again, twice a day), and loads of thread, paper and fabric. Which reminds me, we're actually out of trash bags. Hm, looks like I'll be braving Walmart once again in preparation of... you guessed it...

Imminent Death!
 (be sure to really annunciate the "th" to get the full effect)
A.K.A. snow tomorrow

But as you can see, by Monday it looks like I'll be lounging in my bikini (ok, not really).

So here I sit, enjoying my pumpkin spice latte (half-caff, mind you, because I'll not be sleeping well... the mere sound of snow keeps me up), awaiting those wonderful frozen flakes to fall from the sky to send the town into a tizzy, me into art mode and make the last day of school (for good or bad)... oh, June 13th.

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