Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Feeling a Little Loopy!": Ribbon Wreaths

So enough about my snow day insanity.. how about some crafts!

I really love these things and making theme is quite addictive. I have a feeling before long I will have one, in every color scheme, in every room of the house. My snow-day-craft-day-teacher-buddy, Liz, shared this wonderful idea!
Sadly, we cannot take credit. We must hand over the I'm-The-Craftiest-Person-Ever-Because-I-Came-Up-With-This-Idea flag to our friends at Check out this link for the How To's & What For's: Ribbon Wreath How To's

I must say, though, thank goodness this ribbon wreath idea came my way around Christmas time. Hello Hobby Lobby 40% off Christmas ornaments! I like to think I gave this craft my own spin by adding the embellishment in the center.

I have also found that using a variety of widths of ribbon works well. I feel like it makes it a bit more interesting.

I will say that it looks quite sad when you first begin... 10 little loops of ribbon on this styrofoam wreath.. but keep at it! It's totally worth the work!


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  1. Amber, you are such a good writer! I've been laughing out loud as I read these posts ("Snowmagedon" is too funny and about right)! I decided to just write a post on how to make a header on my blog (bc a few other people have asked too), so hopefully it answers some of your questions. As far as a background, I only know how to do the pre-made templates as well... hence, I don't have a background at all, ha (But I actually really like the ribbon one!). But please let me know any other questions you have! Secondly, you for real need to post ALL your craft projects bc I really want to see them! Hopefully, we can have another snow day so you can make more stuff to post :)