Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowpacolypse 2011

Snowpacolypse 2011...

Way worse than last week's Snowmageddon 2011

Man! Talk about me hyper all yesterday morning. I was so excited I forgot to start my coffee for the first 30 minutes I was awake. I was too busy running around the living room, going outside to video, coming back inside to video, going back outside, eating the snow, spitting out the snow all the while, making the poor dogs a nervous wreck.

Oh poor dogs...

Can you even imagine trying to pee

Later in the day, my husband and I ventured out with a failed attempt to sled... in nearly 2 feet of snow. Hmph. Who would have known. On our way back home, a nice young gentleman on a four-wheeler offered to pull me on the sled behind his killing-machine (per my husband). I'm guessing he saw me starting to squirm and dance with excitement as he was driving by. Somehow he must have known that I've been wanting to be pulled behind a four wheeler or truck since the last snow, despite news segments on deaths while doing such things.

Bo and I responded to his offer at the same time. "Yes! Awesome! I'd love too!", "Aw, no thanks man." Then we looked at each other. Poor guy on the four-wheeler... must been cold as Bo and I silently battled it out. I tried the ever-girly batting-of-the-eyelashes and head tilt. Note to self:  ice-crusted eyelashes and a snot-spit covered face mask lack a cuteness factor. I think my looks would have won if it had been... warmer. Then, he telepathically reminded me, "What about our 5 hour visit to the hospital last January?"

                                                                      Oh yeah.
Seeing how I'm not the most graceful creature and being adventurous on a sled last year landed me in the ER (thanks to a big metal hand rail)...

Pre-concussion + 4 stitches
Winter 2010
 ...I politely declined the four-wheeler-man-'s offer. Ugh. I hate when common sense wins.
Eek. Hopsital smell memory overload.

So, I resorted to more modest options when we returned home:

1. Snow-day photography
2. Drinking hot chocolate
3. Staring out the window

And the snow-day photography continues today...
with flying objects involved

The Harry Potter method of taking out icicles

Welp, just got word that our school is closed tomorrow for the 3rd day in a row. Looks like I should save my blogging excitment for tomorrow.

Coffee shop here I come!

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