Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Memories of elementary school Valentine's Day parties are hard to beat.

I'm fairly certain my obsession with writing and receiving letters stems from collecting Valentines in a pink and red tissue covered kleenex box from kindergarten. I wish I could replace our mail box with one of those. I would definitely win the neighborhood contest with my rockin pipe cleaner, pom pom and glitter covered box.

This has to be one of my favorite things from childhood. I have old school Valentines from 1991-1994 in this little book.

By 1994, I documented Valentine's Day happenings myself but Mom helped me with the writing aspect until then (Thanks Mom). Apparently "What I liked least about this Valentine's Day (1991) was getting my name on the board". I have to say, I can tell she definitely wrote down everything I said. Guess whose fault it was that was name was on the board... SHANE!
Although, as a teacher now... and thinking about what I must have been like in school.... and if I was my own teacher... I probably would have put my name on the board, thanks or no thanks to Shane.
(I'm still going to blame it on sugar from the umph-teen Little Debbies cake hearts I ate at the class party).

(My Momma loves me)

My 5 other art teachers friends share my love of Valentine's Day... and receiving Valentines. My friend, Jen, had the awesome idea of hand making Valentine's Day cards and mailing one to each of our artsy friends.

Project! Project! Project!

I started thinking... what is a unique Valentine I could make? My sewing machine was nearby and offered to help. Some scrapbook paper and felt overheard and decided to volunteer as well. Then, my stomach pitched in. It wanted a cupcake...
So, what does all that equal?

...some pretty sweet Valentine's Day cards!


I also have a slight fasination with wax seals. I know this does not stem from elementary school Valentines... sometimes I'm still not sure if I trust myself with fire. To share my love of this lost art, I gave my 9 year old niece a wax sealing set for Christmas. My brother looked at me like

Really. You know this involves a flame... and she still hasn't mastered cursvie.

Speaking of my brother.. I even made a Valentine for him!

Hopefully all of my friends will enjoy their home-made cards.
And I hope you received a Valentine and are enjoying an ever-so-delicious Little Debbie cake heart today... but be sure not to get your name on the board!

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